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The Operation Of The Smart System Construction Essay

The Operation Of The Smart System Construction Essay Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia and turns into a notable global city with co...

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

M5 Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 2

M5 Reflection - Essay Example Inclusive schools cultures that are open and friendly to the communities around them as well as the rest of the stakeholders can be achieved through ensuring the communication between all these entities is trusting and open (Stuht, 2009). Social capital is greatly increased when the schools and the community are able to communicate openly and teachers must word hard to eliminate any misunderstandings founded on cultural differences. I order to improve the academic achievements of schools and students, it is important to involve community-based organizations such as libraries, zoos and museums among other organizations as they provide the students with additional information. Additionally, the schools should adhere to the federal regulations for the involvement of parents and parents can ensure this through creating awareness in the school environment (Wanat, 2010). The parents should have a commitment to creation of a positive school culture as well as a safe and operational learning environment, which is able to support holistic education. The schools should also be committed to lead and manage evidence based instructional programs that will make sure that all the children who learn in their institutions gain knowledge, skillsets and values that will mold them into contributing society

Monday, February 3, 2020

Stalking Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Stalking - Research Paper Example Any violence the victim relates, past or present, should be taken seriously. Stalkers will only become more violent if violence is already present. Damaged property should be taken seriously only after violence. The pattern of stalking can be very important in predicting future attacks. Any stalker information can help create a profile. This profile can put the stalkers in one of five categories. Davis (2005) reports the five categories as: 5. The predator. This is about sex gratification, control, and violence. The stalker doesnt necessarily know the victim. The victim may not know she is being stalked. But a predator plans their attack, rehearses it, has lots of sexual fantasies about it. The intake form above creates an evaluation as unique as the assessment. This type of form will need to be assessed and evaluated based on the answers. Since the answers are going to vary, the evaluations will also vary. If the assessment above finds violence, property destruction, and the characteristics of the predator or intimacy-seeking stalker, these should be given priority. These stalkers will not go away or stop. If there is no violence, property destruction, and the characteristics of a resentful stalker, these should be given less priority. However, every stalker has the potential to be violent. Each case should be studied individually. In conclusion, it should be noted that not every stalker will be stopped. Some cases will end up in fatalities, casualties, and other harm done. Some cases will be solved and the behavior stopped. There is no assessment and evaluation miracle. Not all behavior can be predicted. The above intake, assessment, and evaluation should be used as tool. It should never be used to convict a stalker. It should only predict